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    Friday, June 1, 2012

    Video Priming for Transitions

    I was recently invited to a luncheon with the Miami Valley Autism Coaching Team (MV-ACT) A-LISTers. The A-LIST is a group of Region 10 educators who the ACT team has designated as being "best practice partners" when it comes to educating individuals with Autism. It was an honor to be invited and furthermore it was an awesome opportunity to see what other special needs teachers were doing in their classrooms. There were lots of awesome ideas.

    One that stuck out was the video priming example they shared. Video priming is when you create a video for a child to help them prepare for something new, in this case returning to school and the introduction of a "home base" for that particular child. I think of it basically like a video social story.

    Here is the video they shared:

    I hope to implement this in the future. If I would have known about this strategy earlier perhaps I would have tried it for preparing my students for our move next year.

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