Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Gingerbread Activities in The Special Education Classroom

December is my favorite month in the classroom. Yes, I admit it can be a bit chaotic with the holiday parties and overall excitement but it is a lot of fun and there are so many fun themes that we do each year. Each year, I start with our gingerbread theme. Below are my favorite gingerbread activity ideas from my special education classroom. 

ELA Ideas

  • Read The Gingerbread Man. I always use the version retold by Mary Sandel from the Fountas and Pinnell intervention collection. 

  • Practice positional words using a gingerbread doll, cookie, or cutout and a cookie jar. 

  • Use the stem "(Name) ran away from the ______." during predictable chart writing and then use my class book template to create a book students can read again and again! 

Math Ideas

  • Practice subtraction activities using gingerbread manipulatives, or for some added fun use cookies and let students eat them as they subtract! 

Cooking & Craft Ideas

  • Make gingerbread playdoh. It smells delicious and can be made in the microwave! Find the recipe in my Gingerbread Thematic Unit or if your class loves to cook try my Visual Recipes for the Whole Year. 

  • Make gingerbread ornaments. These are a great gift idea for families and they also smell great! 

Social Group Ideas

  • Play who stole the cooking from the cookie jar. My Gingerbread Thematic Unit has script cards that make this game accessible to many students! 

  • One year my class made a gingerbread ornament from the recipe above for all of the staff members in the school and delivered them. This was a great authentic opportunity for practicing greetings and manners! 

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Sunday, October 2, 2022

October Activities in the Special Education Classroom

I love October!! It is my favorite month. Fall is here 🍂, decorations are up🎃, and it's my birthday month 🎂! 

October is also a fun time in the classroom. Each year we take a field trip to a farm for a petting zoo, pumpkin patch, and hayride! It is a great way to kick off the month. 

It is one of my favorite months for our thematic units too. We finish our Apples Unit from September, then go into Fall & Leaves, and end the month with Halloween of course! 

Click to find this unit in my TPT store!

Click to find this unit in my TPT store!

My favorite books for Halloween are Big Pumpkin and The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything. One year on our hayride at the farm they did a "spooky storytime" and did the Little Old Lady with props. It was SO MUCH FUN! And was a great way to get the kids engaged. 

Click to find this book unit in my TPT store!

Click to find this book unit in my TPT store!

Some fun Halloween crafts we have done was a group pumpkin pinata project for our Halloween Party and some footprint ghosts! Having classmates paint each others feet led to LOTS of giggles!

We end the month with our big Halloween celebration. All three of our special education classrooms celebrate by doing rotations in the morning and then my students can go to their inclusion classroom parties in the afternoon. I always chose to do the pumpkin carving rotation. The students each designed their own pumpkin by drawing or selecting online ( has a great option!). Then, the class would vote on their favorite and that would be the one we used for the class pumpkin!

What a busy month! I love how my little class can mix in so much fun with our learning. 

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