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    Friday, June 22, 2012

    Sensory Supports for the Classroom FREEBIE

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      Now that school is out I have been focusing my efforts on organizing my thumb drive. This is a HUGE task since my thumb drive holds pretty much every lesson, handout, and worksheet I have made over the past year. It is so important to me that I keep it attached to my school badge (this is mostly because I kept leaving it in my computer at home and my boyfriend was tired of dropping it off at school!). While organizing this summer, I plan to cute-ify a bunch of handouts and share them here. 

      The first handout is Calming & Alerting Supports for the Classroom Cheatsheet. This year I became super interested in understanding the sensory system. Initially, I was looking to better meet the needs of my students with autism. But, the more I learned the more I realized I could better meet the needs of all of my students through tapping into their senses. Additionally, I knew that the general ed teachers in my building would also benefit from learning a bit more about the sensory system. 

      This handout is geared towards helping all educators better regulate their students sensory system whether a student needs alerting input or calming input. I broke the strategies up by senses since the sensory system is obviously impacted by our senses! 

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      This is an awesome resource Allison! We are sharing on our facebook page at

      Thank you for creating it! :)