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    Monday, March 12, 2012

    Cube Behavior System

    This system is my favorite and my most popular one to use this year. It is so easy.

    How it works: Student starts with designated number of cubes. Cubes aretaken when student engages in undesirable behavior. Colored cubes can be usedto designate “timeout” or other consequence. 

     Pros: materials are easily accessible, greattangible way to provide warnings

    Cons: emphasis on negative behavior, timeout isnot feasible in all settings


    Anonymous said...

    I am really interested in this idea! Is it possible for you to give me some more information on how you have used it? I teach 2nd grade and am looking for something new and fresh for the upcoming school year. THanks so much for your time.

    Allison Officer, M.S.Ed said...

    Our school has a PBS color behavior system where students would move their clothespin from green to orange to yellow to red due to negative behaviors. I have several students on behavior plans who need more warnings than the standard system provides. Therefore, I used this cube system for those kids. Instead of moving their pin at each infraction they would give me a cube. When they lost a red cube it would mean a timeout and pin move. I always made sure to have them verbalize why they were losing a cube and what they should have done differently.