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    Saturday, September 22, 2012

    Sensory Saturday--Movement

    Mini Trampoline
    A mini trampoline can give vestibular input (from jumping up and down) and proprioceptive input (from the pressure of jumping). I have used a mini trampoline for kids who need to wake up their systems in the and for kids who need to get some energy out.


    A swing is another way to provide vestibular input and can be calming. 


    A scooterboard can provide a range of movement input. By pulling a student on a scooterboard you can provide vestibular input which is calming. If you whip the scooterboard in a circle (safely!) or zig-zag it back and forth this input would be alerting. If you have a student pull themselves with their ahands (as pictured) or if you sit on the scooterboard and have them pull you it is proprioceptive input.

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