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    Monday, February 11, 2013

    Valentine's Day Activities for the Special Education Classroom

    Happy Monday and Happy (almost) Valentine's Day!!

    I never used to make a big production of Valentine's Day in my classroom. We always focused on Feelings and made Valentine's Day more of a secondary theme. However, then I found this super cute book from the "If you give a...." series and now we do a whole unit on it.

    This super cute book is great for talking about Valentine's Day but it is extra awesome for talking about friendship and why we love our friends because in the story Mouse makes different valentine cards for each of his friends based on what he loves about them.

    To go with this theme, last year I had the idea to have the kids go around and say something they loved about each of their classmates. At first, I thought this may be a little difficult for some of my kids with poor verbal skills to do but in the end I was very touched with their thoughtfulness! It was a great activity to take a break to show our appreciation for our friends and at the same time it really made each student feel good about themselves. What is a better lesson than that?!

    For this activity, I write the student's name on the line and then fill in each heart with something kind a classmate shares like in the example below. 

    To grab this activity and 11 more activities you can do with your class for Valentine's Day, visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store to get my Valentine's Day Thematic Group Activities Unit.


    Kristi Luckenbaugh said...

    Thanks for sharing! I never knew that book existed and now I am soooo excited to get it. I love the entire series. This activity is a great self-esteem builder. I love it! Check out my blog when you get a chance.

    Lucky In Learning

    Unknown said...

    Absolutely fantastic job you have done here. And Thank you for sharing with us