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    Monday, August 27, 2012

    Paraprofessional Survival Kit--FREEBIE

    This year we have six paraprofessionals that we truly could not live without! This summer my teaching team and I worked hard to come up with a paraprofessional handbook to streamline our classroom procedures and communicate our expectations to our paras (old and new!). 

    To go with our handbooks, I made these Paraprofessional Survival Kits. They include lots of the essential items (mostly office supplies) that our paras will need this year. It was a great, practical back to school gift and it also aligned with our handbook. For instance, one thing we want paras to do this year is share their thoughts or concerns on a Concern Clipboard in a central team communication area in the classroom so we included post-it notes in the bag. Also, we have paras leading groups so we want them to record student progress and take notes to let us know how things are going. Therefore, we provided each para with a notebook. 

    What else did we include? Click on the links below for amazon links to each item (or just raid your school's storage closet if you are blessed enough to have one!)

      • We used my Editable Paraprofessional Role Sheets which can be found by clicking the images below

    •  Notebook: You can certainly get a basic notebook but are tons of adorable options out there specific to paras too for a little something extra.

    • Pink Eraser: Ok I love mechanical pencils but the erasers never seem to last long enough.

    • Post-It Notes: Another obsession that I cannot help! You could certainly go with the tried and true Post-It brand post its (none seem to stick quite as good am I right?!). But I am a sucker for cute post-its too!

    • Lifesavers: We are often all up in each other's bubbles in the special education classroom so anything to keep our breath fresh is a bonus... especially when you have that one autistic student who isn't afraid to call out your coffee breath LOL!
    • Rubber Bands: Does anyone else have a baggie full of rubber bands at the bottom of their desk drawer?? Or is that just me?? An added bonus of plenty of rubber bands is they are a great tool for taking frequency data... comment below if you want more details!

    • Paper Clips: Again, you can certainly use the basic paperclips from your supply closet but I am a sucker for cute school supplies. It's the simple things right?!

    • Puzzle Piece: We got enough blank jumbo puzzle pieces for all of the staff and students in our program to make a bulletin board.

    I made up cute cards to attach to each survival kit which you can grab for FREE by signing up for my newsletter or in my TPT Store!


    Welcome visitors from Classroom Freebies! I hope you enjoy this Manic Monday treat!
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      Amy Louise said...

      Thanks for the Freebie. It's a very cute idea. Can you share more about your handbook? Or is it the guide that you have posted in the a previous post?

      Karlie said...

      If you are able to share what your handbook looks like, I'd love to see a copy. I've been "working on one" for 6 months. I haven't gotten very far. Every time I see a page in something I print or photocopy it, but I haven't done much more than that. And I have a feeling I'll be meeting my new para soon.....

      If you are able to share it let me know:) Thanks!

      We are ALL Special!

      Karlie said...

      Also, I'm pinning this. Hope you don't mind:)

      We are ALL Special!

      Allison Officer, M.S.Ed said...

      Stay tuned! I hope to have my handbook "blog-ready" (free of personal information) by Monday!

      Amy Louise said...

      That would be amazing! My school year starts Tuesday and I would love to start out the year implementing some new ideas with my para's. I'm sure your handbook would be a perfect starting point!

      Tom said...

      Congratulations Admin! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.
      kit survival