Monday, June 25, 2012

Sorting and Packaging Taskboxes

As adults, many of my students may have jobs in a factory or workshop setting. After visiting several of these facilities, I realized that it would be very important for these students to be able to sort objects and match them to a grid in order to package them.

Here are several examples of taskboxes addressing these skills:

Link Sort by Color: Separate the link from the chain (great fine motor task), sort by color, and "package" in correct bag

Poker Chip Packaging: Place poker chip on matching color. Once one row is complete, package in  bag and repeat

Plasticware Sort: Sort plasticware into bag


Lacey said...

These are great ideas!!! I want to have a vocational center in my classroom and couldn't think of applicable tasks.

Allison Officer, M.S.Ed said...

Lacey, you would love Tasks Galore for the Real World! I highly recommend it for any vocational tasks.