Monday, June 25, 2012

Math Taskboxes

In my classroom, I use the TEACCH structured work system  approach for my students' independent work area. The structured work system area is a system of typically 3 tasks (usually "taskboxes" or work bins) which are set up on the left (in the picture they are in the clear bins on the table) and completed at a surface in front of the student, and then placed in a "finished" area (in the picture they are placed in the white laundry basket). The structure of the TEACCH work system and of taskboxes is especially helpful when working with students with autism because they have a clear beginning, middle, and end, therefore the student is aware when they will be done. In my classroom, once all three tasks are completed the student with have a break to complete an activity of their choice.

Over the past few years we have made TONS of "taskboxes" or work bins for students to complete at this area. Here are a few of my math taskboxes:

Count out sets: put given number of erasers in egg carton

Coin "Counting": put coins needed for snack in bag by matching to picture

Number Words: Match word to numeral and slide notecard in pocket

Quarter Counting: Sequence quarters to $1.00

Coin Sorting: Sort coins and place in slot (index card dividers on the inside are used to check accuracy)

Which Shape Doesn't Belong?: Place red X (using sticky tack on back) on shape that does not belong in sequence

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