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    Sunday, April 1, 2012

    Practicing Letters at Home FREEBIE

    Many times at conferences and IEP meetings, parents will express frustration about being able to practice skills at home with their child. Many times when I ask parents how they practice specific skills they will say they have their child write it 5 times each. AHHH! What a flashback to my days in elementary school! I hated this monotonous task, and knowing my super hands-on SpEd kids I am sure this is a nightmare for them as well.

    To address this issue I developed several Practice at Home lists that I share with parents to give them creative, multi-sensory ways to work with their children. An added bonus is many of these methods are easy and involve materials most families already have at home so they are cost-effective as well.

    Click the link below to enjoy my first-ever FREEBIE!!

    Download my FREE Multisensory Activity Lists for Practicing Basic Math & Reading Skills at Home!

    I look forward to connecting with you and sharing SpEd Spot tips and FREEBIES!

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