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    Sunday, March 4, 2012

    Goo Gloves

      Goo Gloves

    • vinyl examining gloves
    • several drops of food coloring or paint
    • 1 cup white glue (may need less depending on glove size)
      Place a few drops of food coloring in each finger of the glove (2 different colors in alternating fingers work best).  Roll down the cuff a few times to keep it from getting messy.  Fill the glove about 3/4 full with white  glue (a second person holding the glove open makes this much easier).  Unroll the cuff. Push out as much air as possible and tie a knot.  To prevent leaks, place a second glove over the first Kids will have fun squeezing  the glove to distribute the color and watch it blend together.  It's a great sensory experience!

      --use shampoo or hair gel instead of glue and paint
      --add small beads to be pushed around inside of glove; challenge kids to get all beads into one finger

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