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    Monday, February 13, 2012

    Awesome IKEA storage

    I love IKEA and all the cute things that they have for kids. And I love their reasonable prices!

    One of my favorite and most practical IKEA buys was the TROFAST storage system. In my classroom, we are always transitioning between different groups among various areas of the classroom and building. Organizing and storing all of the materials needed for each group was a bit of a challenge until I found this storage system

    Each plastic bin can slide out on either side of the shelving unit and can be removed completely to take over to the needed area in the classroom. The shelf I bought does not take up a lot of room at all (only a foot and a half by 1 foot area of floor space).There are a variety of bin sizes that can be used based on your needs and it can fit a lot of bins (I have 9 bins on mine)!

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    Erin said...

    I inherited 2 of these when I started my classroom, but they were those ugly tiered ones! I just got rid of them and now I'm in love with this. I think I will be purchasing a few for my classroom this summer!

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